The giant tinfoil hat I work in has a Big Sun Corporation sign on the front, which as you would imagine, has a big blue sun on it. I say sun, looks more like a Rorschach inkblot. So if you’re in a good mood: it’s an arctic sun. Not so good mood: it’s a dirty protest from a Smurf.

When I started, four and a half years ago, we had a Tyrell Corporation sign on the front of the building because that’s who we used to belong to. It was okay, nothing special, just a small yellow shield against a black backdrop. But the shield was too small and the backdrop too big, so it looked like somebody had squashed a wasp. And the sign was quite old because the paint was peeling and flaked, as if it had spent two decades exposed to acid rain and toxic smog.

Then we were taken over, gulped whole, by the significantly bigger Weyland-Yutani. So we got a new sign on the front of the building. Better than the last one. Bolder. Clearer. Essentially a big yellow W, and our slogan “Building Better Worlds.”

Then the company had a slight PR problem – something to do with ill advised forays into biological weapons research – and we went in for some hefty rebranding.  We changed our name to Blue Sun Corporation and got our third new sign in nearly five years. Providing we don’t get involved in subliminal advertising or weaponizing emos it should be there for some time.



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